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sums stacker

2010 Parents' Choice Gold Award winner - Parents' Choice Foundation

Editor's Choice Award for Excellence in Design - Children's Technology Review


"The challenge is bite sized and addicting"

"I really enjoyed Sums Stacker.
It’s got charm and I love the twist it puts on practicing Math."

"This is a great, fun way to improve math fluency without boring drills."

"Deceptively simple, this aptly named game
holds contagious appeal for many age groups."


Sums Stacker iPhone/iPod Touch app store

Sums Stacker is a "Math Doodles" activity that provides plenty of addition and subtraction practice, within a recreational math setting. The mathematical puzzle allows users to play with different representations of numbers, while developing their number sense to create strategies to help them solve problems.


The Challenge
Blocks with values are piled into three stacks. Each stack is randomly assigned a target sum. Drag values from stack to stack until the sums of each stack equal the target sums.


Solve Mode
Strategically solve five random sets in the fewest number of moves. Receive a smiley face for each puzzle solved.

Race Mode
Rack up as many points as you can solving puzzles, before time runs out. The timer is represented by a tab of paper that works its way around the edge of the screen.

Easy Mode
All three target sums are shown.

Hard Mode
To make things a little bit harder, one of the target sums is left as an unknown.

Value Representations
· Dice
· Hole Tiles
· Fingers
· Numerals
· English Words
· Spanish Words
· Roman Numerals
· Random Design

Math Goals
· Number & Operations
· Number Sense
· Addition
· Subtraction
· Problem Solving
· Mathematical Reasoning
· Math Enjoyment

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About the Author
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