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Connect Sums iPhone/iPod Touch app store

Connect Sums is a "Math Doodles" challenge that provides plenty of addition and subtraction practice, within a recreational math setting. The mathematical puzzle allows users to play with different representations of numbers, while developing their number sense to create strategies to help them solve problems.


The Challenge
Users develop their number sense by trying to clear series of random values presented in a 4x4 array. Selected values are cleared when their sum equals the target sum. Users can choose from 25 different value representations and two levels of difficulty.


Challenge Modes
1. Solve Mode: Strategically solve the puzzle in the fewest number of moves.
2. Infinity Mode: Play as long as you wish.
3. Race Mode: Rack up as many points as you can solving puzzles, before time runs out. The timer is represented by a tab of paper that works its way around the edge of the screen.

Difficulty Modes
1. Easy Mode : Selected values need not be neighbors of each other on the grid.
2. Hard Mode
: To make things a little bit harder, each value selected must be a neighbor of the previous value selected on the grid.

Value Representation Options
(For the first three challenges)

1. Dice
2. Fingers
3. Hole Tiles
4. Ten Frames
5. Tally Marks
6. Spanish Tally Marks
7. Numerals
8. Roman Numerals
9. Chinese Numbers
10. Arabic Numbers
11. Gurmukhi Numbers
12. Hebrew Numbers
13. Hindi Numbers
14. Binary Numbers
15. Braille
16. English Words
17. Spanish Words
18. Math Prefixes
19. Polygons
20. US Coins
21. US Dollars
22. Area Fractions
23. Bar Fractions
24. Fractions
25. Random Design

Math Goals

- Number & Operations
- Number Sense
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Money
- Problem Solving
- Mathematical Reasoning
- Math Enjoyment


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