Make Them Think Mission
Dry Paint the Town

Paint your town with the double-takes and smiles of your fellow citizens, as they instinctively jump back from your strategically placed dry paint signs. With a simple gesture, you can instill a pleasant sense of temporary confusion into a persons otherwise predictable daily routine.

Create the Signs

Follow the link below and print out one or more copies of the dry paint sign. Feel free to print out extra signs for your friends.

dry paint sign

Find Good Homes for Your Signs

Look for high exposure public places where you might expect to find a wet paint sign. Test the area to make sure that the paint really is dry. We don't want to mislead our audience, we just want to confuse them a little.

Post Your Signs

Use tape or string to post your signs all over town. Try to avoid the use of nails or glue.

Report In

Email a mission report to Include the date, location and any other details that you think fellow agents might find interesting. Reports will be posted.

If possible include pictures in your reports.